1 – Introduction to Ancestral Healing (FREE)

Learn about the significance of ancestral healing and the intergenerational impact of our ancestors. Preparation of your Altar, daily prayer and identify your symbol for the journey to begin.

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2 – Uncovering Ancestral Lineages

For this experience to work, you begin by exploring the and tracing your ancestral roots. We look at techniques for this and the repeating family patterns.Then we have a guided mediation and homework to complete.

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3 – Healing Ancestral Trauma

Here we examine ancestral trauma, and review the practices for healing and releasing ancestral wounds. This is key to understanding how to build a bridge with your Ancestors.

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4 – Rituals and Ceremonies for Ancestral Connection

We explore the various cultural and spiritual practices for honoring ancestors. We create personal rituals for your bridge building with your ancestors. 

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5 – Ancestral Wisdom and Guidance

Here we tap into the ancestral wisdom through your own intuition and meditation - we learn to interpret signs and messages from your ancestors.

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6 – Integration and Celebration

Here we reflect on the journey and the experiences so far and share breakthroughs on the facebook page Ancestral Healing. 

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