Do you consciously recognise your life purpose?


Our subconscious knows what we are here to do. It reaches out to us, and maybe yours brought you to this page to find out more for yourself! Our subconscious often calls us to our deep longings through messages in our dreams and intuition.

What is your calling?

It manifests as our deepest drives and abilities – the hidden forces behind our personality. These drives shape our careers and relationships and influence our life’s quality and direction.

Once you understand what your life number path is teaching you, it sheds light on your path to fulfil your life purpose – why you have decided to be on earth. You can refer back to it when you want to make a decision about leaving a job or beginning a new relationship. It can show you what life cycle you are in and what would promote your health and wealth.

This system allows you to understand the underlying drives of all your relationships with lovers, family and friends and gets you back on a balanced pathway to more happiness.


I can help you understand your life path

I can help you understand your life path fully and then the life path of your partner, children, parents, etc., so you can appreciate all your relationships in a new light of understanding and appreciation. This removes the pressure to please, pretend, and stress about doing the right thing.

We all have a mountain to climb. I have trusted and used this system for 40 years, bringing new clarity, serenity, and compassion to others. A life purpose reading with me will bring you a new appreciation for yourself and a real empathy for others.

I look forward to setting up a reading with you. I offer 30 minute or 1 hour live online sessions over Zoom and share the reading recording with you after to allow you to go back and reflect on what was discussed.