The Akashic Records: What are they?

Akashic Records are best described as a fulfilling journey into why your soul incarnated and where it came from. These records are akin to a library of information regarding your soul’s unique journey through past lives, present incarnations and possible futures.

Our life choices show up as actions and bring specific results. Each soul has its own Akashic Records as part of its fifth-dimensional aspect, which stores every choice the soul has ever made. While our negative choices create blocks in our vital force energy, our positive choices bring a full flow of strong force energy. Ultimately, these records help you answer the question of “Why do you think you were born?” and assist in uncovering your soul agreements.

The only life you can be empowered to change is your own

The only life you should want to be empowered to change is your own! We may be the source of the patterns we create, but when we don’t understand how we do so, we tend to feel powerless. By opening your Akashic Records, we will quickly gain access to very powerful results. These results allow me to guide you on how to course correct should you stray off your path.

Each of our souls were created by a Divine Source; therefore, we are all unique, individuated expressions of itself. The soul inherits the creative abilities of the Divine Source and expresses itself through its creations – our creative playground is our actual human experience.

We are all also 10th dimensional. Your body exists in the third-dimensional aspect, your mind in the fourth-dimensional aspect, and your soul is the fifth-dimensional aspect and in everything that lies beyond your mind.

Vital force energy is our life force, and it allows us to create our human experience via our Divine Soul blueprint. Soul Realignment Readings clear blocks and restrictions to allow for a flood of vital force energy, which has focused transformational value. When we have these readings, we can align to our vital force energy and attract abundance, health, physical vitality, money, fulfilment and more.

During my readings, I gather information about your original Divine Soul blueprint before any negative choices were made. This way, I can pinpoint positive decisions that will realign your vital force energy and provide guidance for correcting negative choices, restoring your Divine Soul Blueprint to its original power.

Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic realm is considered the highest energetic plane, encompassing every thought, action, and experience throughout your soul’s journey. When I delve into your Akashic Records, I communicate directly with your masters, teachers, and loved ones. This collective energy has accompanied you since your soul’s inception and will grant me access to information about past lives, present circumstances, and future possibilities.
This multifaceted resource can offer understanding and guidance that can be profoundly healing. We will work to elevate your vibration to a level where you can reconnect with your soul-level truth, allowing you to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

You are a powerful creator of your own experience, not a helpless victim. By identifying the decisions that have unknowingly impacted your daily life, we can determine how to get your ship pointed in the right direction for happiness, joy, and fulfilment.

This reading is a conversation between you and the records. I focus on tapping into a consciousness that is all-knowing to your soul’s journey and reveal information required to receive a deeper understanding of your path forward.

“The permanent resolution of any problem requires a permanent evolution of the soul.”

– Linda Howe


Reading Your Records

The Akashic Records are akin to a chronicle of your soul’s history. These records are accessible to each and every person, allowing us to tap into a vast repository of information innately. Typically, prayer serves as the key to unlocking the Akashic Records. This prayer is a unique vibrational frequency comprising specific sounds that grant access to this invaluable resource. Once I have successfully unlocked this treasure trove of information, I will share my findings to remain with you for life.
After doing hundreds of readings, I have designed a structure that helps you assemble your past memories and comprehend their significance through deep healing. Everything is interconnected, and these connections and their significance can be discovered within your journey. Recognising that you have entered this life with past experiences, memories, and unresolved issues is crucial to an Akashic Records reading.
Healing from Soul Trauma

Connecting with your Akashic Records allows us to identify deep-rooted wounds. By accessing this extensive archive, we can uncover what may have otherwise remain hidden. This sheds light on past life events and patterns contributing to your present emotional and energetic state. However, these readings alone do not address and heal the energetic trauma stored within our bodies.

Soul trauma cannot be simply thrown away; it responds to our physical connectedness. With the insights gained from an Akashic Records reading, we are better equipped to understand the source of our soul trauma and embark on a healing journey. By addressing these issues at their core, we can release the energy associated with them, allowing us to move forward with greater self-awareness, inner peace, and personal growth.
Breathwork is one of the most popular forms of healing and has the power to activate our innate processes. In my readings, I encourage my clients to explore healing their energetic trauma by establishing habits like breath work and meditation to reach a fulfilled life.
Gain an Understanding of Your Soul
We may come to the records with questions like, “Why does this always happen to me?” or “Why can’t I ever get ahead?”. It is important to remember that we are not victims but rather, creative beings that have focused our attention in a way that produces specific results. The Akashic Records will help you understand how you have created your reality so you can take steps to change it.