Transform Your Life
with Liz Calvert

Alter Your Actions with a Life Coach

Life can often feel like it has become too much. Too much stress, too much pain, too much to handle! Despite the hardships we face, it is crucial to remember that each of our journeys is unique, and asking for guidance is a sign of true individual transformation!


I’m an enthusiastic life coach with a straightforward approach to guiding your transformation. Discovering your life’s purpose and translating it into the important parts of your day-to-day is what I am passionate about achieving.


What are you searching for?

Sacred possibility lies in our personal truths. It’s time to embrace your truth to heal your broken heart.


I want to live a prosperous life

Do you feel as though you have lost your way? Perhaps you are at a crossroads, or you are facing a mountain you aren’t able to pull yourself past. Experiencing fulfilment and finding your purpose in life is not out of reach.


I want to find inner peace

Do you feel you have been searching for a deeper meaning in life? Encountering failure on this path can easily lead our minds to a dark space and derail our hard work. Discovering what brings you inner peace is attainable.


I want to achieve success

Are you not meeting your professional goals? Success can feel unattainable when we find ourselves in a rut and low on motivation. Navigating your career to achieve the success you have always dreamt of is possible.


I want to discover my true self

Are you feeling lost? Perhaps your heart has been torn in so many ways that you are unsure of what your personal truth is. Uncovering who you are, your potential, and your heart’s truth is easier than you might imagine.


Fall back in love with life

Each of our paths, and the hardships we face, are unique. Whatever path you have followed, falling out of love with life should not be something you settle for. You deserve happiness in your life! I can support you in discovering your life purpose and translating this into positive change for the challenges you are currently facing.

My first session is half price

Introspection is a critical step on the path of taking your heart back to happiness – one I am excited to support you through as a life coach. Once we have met and I fully understand your needs, we can discuss all the costs. In the meantime, enjoy a discounted first session to uncover the solutions to what your heart has been yearning for.




Unlock the wisdom of the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the etheric superhighway to our highest self-expression. They take you on an enlightening journey to help you understand your soul, where it came from and how you may unconsciously impose your current suffering.

Angel Card Reading

Connecting with the energies of the angelic realm assists us when seeking guidance and support. This reading can help you connect with your intuition and higher power to provide your soul with the answers you desire.

Soul Reading

Gaining insight into your personality, life’s path and soul’s purpose is what you can expect during this journey of self-discovery. This reading sheds light on the blueprint of your soul and reveals the lessons you have already embodied.

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Where do I start! Liz is such a wonderful, wise, beautiful and gentle soul. I’ve been on a path of self discovery and healing of my own for the past few years, but felt I was missing something to help me progress to the next stage and felt stuck but I knew that I didn’t need a therapist. When I came across Liz and we had an initial first session – Liz got me straight away and I knew she was the person I wanted to work with. I signed up to have an Akashic Soul reading, which involved a goal setting exercise, the reading and a follow up session. These goals could be anything from personal to business orientated. Liz has so much experience which I’ve learnt so much from and everything she says just makes total sense. It really helped me to see how everything was connected, what I needed to do to change my mindset and how I could let go of my trauma. I couldn’t recommend Liz enough – if you’re looking for answers in life and don’t even know what to ask – Liz is the perfect person to help guide you and to teach you how to turn to yourself for these answers – you are the master of your own ship after all! If I could give Liz 100 stars I would! She’s been a fantastic coach who has a very calm and personable approach and I know I’ve made a friend for life!

Ginty | Spiritual Counselling


Liz , is a very kind thoughtful & highly motivated person ! I’ve been stuck in a rut for a long time !!!…but after just 2 sessions with her I was charged & motivated to take that first step & feel so much better I did . I will be booking in again with Liz as I found her amazingly helpful!!

Marie Thornton | Business & Career Coaching


Liz is an excellent coach. She explains the process very clearly and is supportive throughout the session.

I found working with her allowed me to visualise my goal, making it clearer and achievable, ultimately, I have been able to make positive steps forward and am excited about the future.



Anyone interested in getting to the bottom of their idiosyncrasies, or getting to to the crux of self imposed limiting behaviour and the ‘why’ behind what they do, Let Liz shine the light.

I had such an eye opening experience. I’m still digesting it all but the session with Liz went a long way to explaining my journey so far in this lifetime.

Armed with this information and homework (yes homework!), I feel able to implement positive changes which previously would have seemed daunting.

Can’t thank you enough Liz x



Liz is one of a kind, both as a reader and a coach! She’s very professional, supportive, encouraging and inspiring. Her gentle words in explaining what my soul blueprint is enables me to view past life lessons and present blockages in a positive way. She is more than a reader and a coach to people coming for her professional assistance. I am so blessed to have met her on my life journey and I enjoy talking to her, to be just around her and feel her energy, her warmth and her sense of humor.



Working with Liz was quite an interesting experience. She approached me in a very professional way. I gave her all details she asked me for and she came back to me with an amazing log of things about me, my present and mainly my past.

I was mostly surprised by the accuracy she analysed and presented so many things. Some of them I already knew, some others I was suspected they were there and the rest were the “kinder surprise ” for me.

Liz explained me very patiently and calmly all the terms I didn’t understand and all the meanings I couldn’t follow and their impact on my life.

I really don’t think iI could have a better coach, than Liz, to approach akashic records and try to understand why some things happen a bit better. I definitely recommend her to anyone who would wish to start and look deeper in their life.
Life is too short to waste it with useless or sad things.

Thank you Liz, wish you the best because you deserve it.

Kalli Frantze


Liz is an incredibly friendly, approachable and no nonsense coach. She knows how to balance insight sharing with coaching questions so that you feel supported and enlightened after a session with her.

I can only highly recommend a session with Liz. You are sure to walk away feeling like it was worth the time and money.



What could be more important than understanding why we are here? Or more useful than discovering what’s holding us back? I admit I was sceptical. Whilst curious about Akashic Records, how accurate could it be? How would I know any of it was true? But the experience exceeded all expectations. As well as being extremely interesting, it resonated deeply and I felt incredible after the reading; somehow more comfortable in my own skin. I was surprised by the quantity and the quality of the information. Liz was the perfect guide into the Akashic Records and the material feels very much alive in me now. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with Liz to explore what your Akashic Records have to tell you!

Lee Welch


I had an Akashic Records reading with Liz 6 days ago. I haven’t rushed into writing this review, as I wanted to be clear on my thoughts and reflect carefully and gently on what the reading meant to me. I had no idea what to expect.

The reading has changed me. I am altered by it.

Liz recorded the reading, and forwarded the recording to me. Initially I was extremely hesitant about this, privacy on such personal information is vital to me. Liz was understanding, kind and careful of my feelings around this.

I am now beyond glad to have that recording ! I have replayed it so many times , and each time I pick up something different , there is just so much to take in.

I will definitely return to Liz for another reading at some point in the future.

Liz has allowed me to to know me, who I am , at a deeper level than I would have thought possible, I have a greater understanding of why I am the way I am, and I am eternally grateful to her for that.

Thank you Liz , thank you. ❤️



Liz’s reading of my Akashic records was very enlightening and I recognised negative blocks that I have obviously carried through many lifetimes, as well as the more positive aspects of my incarnations. It was clear that Liz had done a lot of work to prepare my reading and most of what she discovered resonated with me. Liz cleared various energies and I have to recite an affirmation for 21 days to cleanly detach from all that I have carried through that is negative and unhelpful ready for a new start. Exciting! I shall be watching any changes closely. I would highly recommend an Akashic Records reading with Liz. Thank you, Liz.

Jan Roffe


I just finished listening to your reading, and I’m speechless… You, darling, were 100% spot on! I say this because I felt like what you’ve told me was coming from a person who really knows and truly sees me – unlike the people in my life, sadly. I will listen to your reading every time I doubt myself, feel bad about myself, or don’t sense my self-worth. I feel like your words alone healed something within me. ❤️❤️❤️ In the future, once I have financial stability, I’ll definitely reach forward for one of your longer readings. ???????????? Thank you again for sharing your amazing gift with me! ????❤️????

Danielle Apollo | Life Purpose Readings