Your Higher Self Wants You To Know…


You are exactly where you are supposed to be. The mistakes we all make are vital steps in becoming more of ourselves toward ourselves.  Awareness of yourself in the present moment is the only moment that you can change.

You are the only true judge of your self-worth, and spending time on your self-development and self-awareness and making changes in the now “present” time makes a difference in your souls’ trajectory.

However, your ego wants you to look back and judge and compare and ask, ‘what if?’ Your ego also wants you to endlessly play for tomorrow or contemplate on what might happen.

In either the past or the future, you cannot make any real change. Therefore, all there is, is now.  Move on into the ‘now’ to change your life.

Your Higher Self is guided by love and moves towards the highest frequencies of love. When you can accept exactly where you are, you don’t need fixing. When you accept yourself exactly as you are not, you are free to follow your true purpose of your Higher Self.

I perform Akashic Records readings to help you to understand the entire journey of your soul to date, and to understand how you are where you now find yourself.  Your Akashic Records reading will provide you with the insights and tools to pursue your true purpose. 

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