You have the Power to change the world – where do you start?


This starts with opening up your belief: When I change my future, I have the power to change the world. We are all creating this world day by day. We are losing the matrix of the third-dimensional frame of reference towards the nine-dimensional way of being. In every person’s DNA, we have the potential to live in twelve dimensions. Moving out of the third dimension is more a question of when as we evolve and let go of the old illusions. You can then create life however you want to, going from where you are now to creating your Heaven on Earth.

Where can you start today?

When you have the opportunity to speak your truth – take it. It will not fall on deaf ears. When you have the courage and the gumption to speak up, others take their cue to speak their truth, and then new truths emerge. Begin in the ‘now’ every day and ask yourself “What is my truth today? What resonates for me today?”

By writing it down in your journal and reflecting on it – your feelings will emerge and resonate with you from within. These are clear indicators that you are aligned with Love or are simply resisting Love.

What if you are feeling Negative?

Your negative feelings are teaching you – listen to its great feedback. It’s telling you to change your thoughts as all feelings come from your thinking. Change your actions, make new decisions, and change your focus. Are you being led by a big worldview or just your small selfish desires? When you blame, you remain a helpless victim. Yet when you see the resistance as feedback, you learn to be yourself and let others learn who you are. Focus on what you want in this life, and you can change the world. As your inner world changes, so too does the world get lifted by your inner transformation. Magic!

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