Why have an Akashic Records Reading?


When you have an Akashic Records Reading, you unlock your personal soul’s records, not just for this life but for all the previous lives as well. I explain why you wanted to come to Earth in the first place, what your Soul’s Purpose is, what planet you are from, but more importantly, what’s limiting your potential and how you can clear these limitations.

Firstly, it’s imperative that you set clear intentions ahead of the reading, as then I can access precisely the right information for you to manifest these intentions. The keepers of the records would only allow information to be released to you that they know you are ready to hear and heal. It’s deep and fascinating but never scary.

Discovering that you are from another planet can be a life-changing experience. A new level of self-compassion can open up for why cities are so hard for you to live in and why you feel homesick or isolated on occasion.

If you are reading this and are fed up with attracting the same patterns in your life, book yourself in for an Akashic Records Reading. Your Akashic Records reading will provide insights that change patterns and guide your pursuit of happiness!

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