Why have a Akashic Records reading?

An Akashic Records reading helps you identify the sabotage patterns that don’t serve you. Patterns that go against your authentic soul’s essence. Many of us are repeating unwanted patterns in our lives. Having a Soul Realignment Akashic Records Reading helps you understand the choices you have stored in your soul and lie in your unconscious awareness, enabling you to re-align to the reason you incarnated in the first place.

With your new understanding, you can initiate changes that will allow you to make better life decisions based on your new awareness of your soul’s authentic purpose. You start afresh, making better choices that are more aligned with your soul’s true nature!

What process do I use?

I access the records using a mediation practice to connect and channel the information by asking more than 800 questions using a douse to discern your personal details. Then, I define your Soul Profile, which is the source of who you are and the blueprint of your soul – that you have operated from for every single lifetime here on Earth. It takes me 2 hours to prepare a reading. I also do a complete in-depth reading of the Akashic Records of your home. This allows you to sleep much better.

I then douse for the patterns that have been imprinted on your soul, which I term blocks and restrictions, that keep you in limiting patterns and disempower you.

After the Akashic Records reading, you agree to all the clearings and do homework for 21 days to release these limitations and raise your conscious awareness on a daily basis.

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