What are the Akashic Records?


Loosely translated from Sanskrit roots, Akasha means “that which holds all”. It’s a database of every action we have ever taken in this life and our previous lives. It’s an energetic database that records every choice we have ever made as individual souls.

The Akashic Records reflect the choices we have made and how these have impacted us. So, for example, a creative person working in an accounting role might begin to feel that the work doesn’t align with their deepest truth and may feel depleted and unhappy.

When you access the reason behind your choices, you have a new worldview, and then the option to align with your Souls Purpose by making new choices.

Having an Akashic Records Reading will help you identify the unchanging core of your individual self. It can help you understand and eventually release the fears, energetic blocks, and patterns you have carried through from childhood and previous lifetimes. I perform Akashic Records readings to help you understand this journey and where you now find yourself. 

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