This Present moment


Everything we are involved with in this world is going through a shift in Global Consciousness, in which we are transcending our earth-based Gods. We are moving toward mystical teachings that are coming to our truth. Our soul must become as conscious as possible to depart from this world. Collectively all our wounds are coming up to assist the passage of humanity towards being unified in oneness. Part of the madness in people is the fear in our egos; therefore, the ego must be addressed. When we confront how we have lived we can heal these traumas and become free.

We are crafting the next design – and while we are killing with wars, we will never bring love to humanity. Murder and suicide rates are high as we persecute ourselves in perpetual circles. Humanity knows that the best gift we can give ourselves is to be authentic, as then we can truly appreciate our results. Messages of grace reach people. Prayers reach people.

Let’s be love, and then we can balance and transform. There is a collective DNA energy that comes before matter. All of humanity is inside us and, therefore, inside you! Make yourself present, and then you can bring this awareness to our ever-evolving world.

I perform Akashic Records readings to help you reach a better understanding of your soul’s journey to date and help you understand and connect with who you are now. Your Akashic Records reading will offer valuable insights to guide you in the pursuit of your true purpose.

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