Only if you say so


Only if you allow yourself to be sucked in do you give your power away to the fearfulness of the world. Manage your boundaries by managing your awareness of this fear-based ego vibration, as it’s the lowest of the low.

Of course, we are all living in a three-dimensional world, and we are our own being within it. By separating from it and just observing it, you maintain a boundary. You are your own sovereign entity, and you have control. You have a say in how your life works as it is in the present moment. You are here, reading this now in the present moment. The programming of the third-dimensional world can no longer control you – unless you say so. Unless you let it control you. Where are you giving the world your power right now?

Everything has opened up for you, from your inner connection to your sensing and intuition, for you are the source of your life. You are remembering more and more fully who you are. Notice the illusion of our matrix all around us and pull away.

Listen to your inner voice… What inner voice? That one.

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