Let’s talk about love and choosing to love your life.


When we talk about love, what do we mean when it comes to loving our lives? ‘Love’ is a ‘decision’ not a ‘reaction’, so it’s a ‘choice’ not a ‘response’ according to author M Scott Peck. Therefore, to be loving no matter how the other looks, behaves, or interacts elevates love to being a choice.

True love is a choice. By changing your relationship towards love, you own the right to be happy – always. Love wants you to recognise the value in all things and beings, as this provides the contrast that inspires us to create better choices. By paying careful attention to our feelings, we can learn more about our inner responses. They tell us about the degree to which we resist or allow love. By changing our focus, we can learn to tune out anger rather than thinking about it and getting more and more reactivated.

As every thought you have is causing your every feeling, you are your own resistance to love and are in control of love at this level. By being aware of your thoughts, you are creating or destroying love on a daily basis. What will you choose today? Love or Resistance?

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