Learning to accept what is…


Learning to accept what is and what isn’t on a daily basis builds our connection to our self-trusting nature.

Trust that you have got this. You are being led in the present moment to your soul’s path. Know that you can and are discerning the truth, and the truth is coming forward more and more. All expression of the truth is around you and within you – when you allow it.

You know the truth deep down in yourself. You see the world unfold, but you know your truth within yourself. That’s your truth resonating. It resonates within you. So listen for when you hear something that doesn’t quite resonate within yourself, what you already know deep within. Trust your resonation. Trust that you know deep within what is true for you and what is not true for you. Your truth is not necessarily their truth, and theirs is not necessarily yours. So allow all truths to exist together.

Allow the differences. Allow for the changes. Allow your resonation to be voiced and expressed with grace and calm. You are free to be yourself forever and ever. Amen.

I perform Akashic Records readings to help you understand your soul’s journey and who you are today. With your Akashic Records reading, I will provide insights and tools to help you achieve your true life’s purpose. 

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