Are you Mintakan?


Mintakans are people who were living in Mintaka before they lived on Earth.

Mintaka was thought to be a water-based planet containing the most crystal clear waters that you could ever imagine. These waters were so clear that you could see for many miles underwater. People who used to live in Mintaka see this crystalline clarity of potential and possibility and are driven to develop others’ potential. They can see the light in everyone and everything.

This drive can allow Mintakans to be heavily taken advantage of by others. These others often enjoy being uplifted by the potential possibilities Mintakans see. Still, most ordinary people never step into their potential – they just enjoy the limelight that attention brings them. Therefore Mintakans must be more discerning in focusing on developing their own potential in a way that nurtures and inspires them, not depletes them.

Water often represents our unconscious mind. What we don’t bring to our conscious mind can appear in our lives as fate. You may be called now to bring to light any unconscious patterns you are completely unaware of. An Akashic Records reading would support you in your search. Your Akashic Records reading will also provide insights to guide you in pursuing true happiness.

When you have a Soul Realignment Reading with Liz you discover your first home planet – are you Mintakan?

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