Ancestral Healing – What Is It?


Once you understand that you have an Akashic Record, you can take this to the next level. You inherit bloodlines from your parents, who also have Akashic Records. Your mother and father have inherited and passed on their bloodline’s family patterns to you: such as beliefs, fears, habits, and behaviours. This is known as your family’s Akashic Record.

If we take it to the next level, your community and culture also have an Akashic Record. Just as we inherit family heirlooms, we inherit shadow programming and trauma from our predecessors going back many generations. These imprints are held within every cell of our bodies. We inherit physical, mental, and emotional wounding, and we pass this wounding on to our children in this loop of trauma energy in the family and society. Whether we are aware of it or not, Ancestral Trauma exists.

Ancestral Healing is identifying and healing this intergenerational wounding. When we heal ourselves, we open the door to healing all our ancestors. We not only liberate ourselves, but we also open the possibility of healing our living and departed ancestors. When we transform our genetic coding, we heal the generations yet to come!

I perform Akashic Records readings to help you to understand this journey and guide you through Ancestral Healing. Your Akashic Records reading will also provide you with valuable insights to help you pursue your true purpose. 

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