A journey with your Ancestors:
Connect, Heal, and Bridge the Divide


When: Starting Tuesday 24th October 2023, for 6 evenings.

Time: 6pm UK time and 7pm South African time

Price: £199

Evening 1:
Introduction to Ancestral Healing
  • Welcome and introduction to the seminar
  • Exploring the significance of ancestral healing
  • Understanding the intergenerational impact of our ancestors
  • Altars, Prayer Symbols and Preparation
  • Guided meditation: Creating a sacred space for ancestral connection
  • Homework
Evening 2:
Uncovering Ancestral Lineages
  • Exploring genealogy and tracing ancestral roots
  • Techniques for researching and understanding your lineage
  • Patterns and repeating family stories
  • Guided meditation: Meeting your ancestral guides
  • Homework
Evening 3:
Healing Ancestral Trauma
  • Acknowledging and understanding ancestral trauma
  • Practices for healing and releasing ancestral wounds
  • Guided meditation: Sending healing energy to your ancestral line
  • Homework
Evening 4:
Rituals and Ceremonies for Ancestral Connection
  • Exploring different cultural and spiritual practices for honoring ancestors
  • Creating personal rituals to connect with your ancestors
  • Guided meditation: Participating in a guided ancestral ritual
  • Homework
Evening 5:
Ancestral Wisdom and Guidance
  • Tapping into ancestral wisdom through meditation and intuition
  • Learning to interpret signs and messages from your ancestors
  • Guided meditation: Seeking guidance from your ancestral lineage
  • Homework
Evening 6:
Integration and Celebration
  • Reflection on the journey and experiences throughout the seminar
  • Sharing personal insights and breakthroughs
  • Guided meditation: Expressing gratitude and honoring ancestors

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